The Primacy of Mercy in the Actualization of True Love


In a world where infidelity creeps into the sacred altar of marital relationship, the author successfully presents mercy, which flows from the Eucharistic sacrifice of Christ, as the medicine to heal the ruptures of the relationship. The exploration of the sacramental meaning of marriage enlightens the core value of mercy in overcoming human sinfulness. The book is a beacon of hope for those who struggle in the darkness of infidelities.

The book “The Primary of Mercy in the Actualization of True Love” is well studied, well prepared and well thought-out. The book begins by strongly enforcing the readers to ponder upon the current situation of man and his attitude to ‘use and throw’ seen in society especially within marriage and family. The author has been able to impose this message through a consistent referral to the Scriptures and Church doctrines. The book is able to remain just to its original theme and has also made an effort at constant intervals to remind the readers regarding the mercy of God. Overall, this book is a wonderful read for anyone wishing to enrich their knowledge on what “true love” really entails.

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