The Relevance of St. Paul


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This book is a collection of papers written for a National Seminar held at JDV, Pune, as part of the celebration of the Year of Paul. The authors have attempted an Indian reading of the Letters of Paul interpreting his message in the socio- economic, political, religious and cultural context of India in order to find out how relevant his teaching is for us today. The stalwarts of Indian theology come to the conclusion that St Paul and his thought are relevant to us in a variety of ways. His theology rooted in his Damascus experience will resonate with the followers of Indian religions which lay great stress on religious experience. The theological perspectives Paul developed while trying to respond to the actual problems and difficulties the early Christians faced teach us how to theologize in a way that is relevant to the problems and needs of our people. Paul is a great model to all missionaries and pastors of team-work and active collaboration with lay people including women. Paul has articulated for us the vision of an egalitarian Church and society which challenges us to work for the eradication of all inequalities based on caste, class or gender. His approach to ecclesiology which highlights the autonomy of pluralistic local Churches while encouraging communion, peace and mutual assistance among the Churches invites us to work for the emergence of a number of truly inculturated local Churches in India which live in communion and harmony with each other. We have here the best of theological and biblical talents in India interpreting for us the greatest of all theologians, Paul the Apostle! This book will help readers gain a deeper understanding of Paul’s thought and its relevance to us in India today. An important book that no student of theology can afford to miss.

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