Forgiveness a Divine Remedy


Forgiveness is essentially one of the basic principles of our Faith. And yet, very rarely do We forgive when someone offends us. This is only one side of forgiveness, the other side being that we have been inflicted with a number of wounds from time to time, ever since we were conceived in our mother’s Womb. Indeed, all of life’s past experiences together give shape to our personality, and that includes our ability or inability to put into practice the teachings of Jesus in our daily life. Jesus has the answer to all our queries and doubts. This little book is an aid to entering into our innermost self so as to heal ourselves of every Wound with the PRECIOUS BLOOD OF JESUS. Echoing the message of Inner Healing pioneered by Sr Mary Usha, SND, it explains in practical ways how the healing grace of Jesus becomes effective in us through the expression of forgiveness from the heart.

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