10 Minutes a Day with Jesus

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As Christians we are commanded to live as Jesus lived. How can we leam to do so when he lived so long ago, in a culture so different from our own? Jim Reapsome believes that to grow in our love for Jesus, we must set aside time regularly to be with him and leam all we can from the Scriptures written about him. To that end, I 0 Minutes a Day with Jesus offers more than 150 biblically based reflections that illuminate the life of Christ as well as his heart for his people and the world. Each daily devotional can be read in just ten minutes, yet each deeply mines Scripture for fresh insights into Jesus’s life, teachings or character. Reflection questions and a brief prayer help encourage you to consider how knowing Jesus impacts your life. This daily time with Jesus will inspire you to not only love Jesus more passionately but also become more and more like him. What Difference Can Ten Minutes a Day Make? Plenty, says Jim Reapsome. Especially if that ten minutes is devoted to getting to know Jesus better. With this fresh devotional, you will ponder the question of what Jesus has to say to his followers living in a troubled and hurting world. You will explore some of his most important teachings. And you will see how Jesus calls each of us to look beyond ourselves. If you’re looking for a renewed passion for Jesus himself and a deeper  understanding of his life, look no further.