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Homily Aids & Retreat

Be Fruitful

Reflections for a Week / Month Retreat

By :  Fr George Stephen, SJ

ISBN :  978-81-7109-662-6
Total Pages :  156
Price: Rs.100

Here is a very practical layout of a 4-week retreat that can help bring about an "awakening" in the reader- awakening in terms of numerous aspects of our life. All our prayers, our endeavours, successes and failures, our friendships and other relationships are intended to lead us towards a sense of fulfillment in life. But to make that possible, we need help, we need a guide at every turn of our journey towards that ideal. A "retreat" is generally considered an appropriate tool for that purpose. Further, to fully benefit from a retreat, there are two prerequisites, viz., a deep desire to have a personal experience and the spirit of openness. This book serves as both a tool and a guide. Amo

About The Author

Fr George Stephen, SJ., a former professor of Maths in college, has been engaged in full time retreat ministry for Priests and Religious since 1989. At present he is the spiriual director for Jesuits in De Nobli College, Pune. His previous book, 'Be Fruitful' - reflections for a week/month retreat (ST PAULS), was well received and is already in its second print.

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