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Short Skits on Social Issues

By :  S. Devaraj

ISBN :  81-7108-590-3
Total Pages :  67

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Skits are, no doubt, powerful tools for teachers, preachers, businessmen, doctors and politicians to pass on important messages to the masses. And that is why street skits are so popular not only in developing countries but also in developed ones. Their appeal is universal. When humorously presented, a skit is bound to have lasting impact. When the emotions of the characters concerned are suitably expressed by the actors, the messages intended are bound to have their desired effect. In this book, Short Skits on Social Issues, I am glad to present five such skits aimed at conveying the messages of love, truth, patience, innocence, endurance, forbearance, justice, service, sacrifice, peace

About The Author

S. Devaraj has served as a postgraduate teacher in Mathematics and French for 35 years in Trichy, TN., South India. Right from his boyhood, he has strongly believed that positive thoughts are bound to give positive energies and lead people to unlimited success and happiness.

Book Review:

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