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The Joy of Committed Love: Handbook for Husbands

A Handbook for Husbands

By :  Gary Smalley

ISBN :  978-81-7108-142-4
Total Pages :  132168
Price: Rs.150

The twin books, The Joy of Committed Love: A Handbook for Husband and The Joy of Committed Love: A Handbook for Wife are meant for couples who genuinely desire a rich and lasting marriage relationship, but arenít quite sure where to begin. They explain why husbands and wives act the way they do and how each partner can secure the love and attention of the other. They give any husband and wife the guidelines for developing a loving and lasting relationship.

About The Author

Gary Smalley is husband, father, seminar leader and author. He has been helping crippled marriages as well as good ones. He has spent about twenty years learning, teaching and writing about how to work at marriage. He has developed principles and guidelines which have been tested, and they work. His suggestions can make the time couples spend together richer, more rewarding and more fun, too.

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