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India In Pocket Size

Second enlarged edition

By :  S.S. Verma

ISBN :  978-81-7108-630-6
Total Pages :  256
Price: Rs.150

Can you think of condensing 5000 years of Indian history into a pocket-size volume of less than 300 pages? S. S. Verma has accomplished that feat in an exceptional manner. In a telegraphic yet lucid style and following the chronology of events, the author touches on every important phase of Indian history as it unfolded through the various periods. In short, here is a ready reckoner that will prove extremely useful to the young and old, to teachers and students, to the commoner and the erudite, all alike.

About The Author

S.S. Verma was born (1937), brought up and educated in the border city of Ferozepore Cantt., Punjab (India). After 40 years of government service, Mr Verma devoted several years to study and research to write this book at a time when no such book was available anywhere.

Book Review:

Hi, Fantastic Book. Very useful for me and my children. In true meaning its a book to all ages. I hated History and was never interested in it during my school days. So wish this book was available during that time. Today when my daughter comes asking questions - I at least have an idea. Thanks to Mr. Verma
By :Rajeev Puri

That's an expert asnewr to an interesting question
By :OuovbYMofjc

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