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Personal Counselling

By :  J.M. Fuster

ISBN :  81-7108-057-8
Total Pages :  320
Price: Rs.170

This book will be of great help to professionals in counselling and to those who would like to get a good idea of what counselling is about and wish to acquire some skills to improve their way of functioning with people.

About The Author

J.M. Fuster is a Jesuit Priest and a Ph.D. in Psychology. He is the Founder and Present Director of Xavier Institute of Counselling, Mumbai. From 1958 to 1974, he was Professor of Psychology at St Xavier’s College, Mumbai. In 1967, he was recognized as a guide of the University of Mumbai for the Ph.D. degree in Psychology. During his Sabbatical year, 1971-1972, he was trained as Trainer in Sensitivity Training or T Groups at the National training Laboratories Institute, Bethel, Maine, USA. In 1978, he received training in the 1977 Carkhuff Model of Counselling from Dr Robert R.Carkhuff at Carkhuff Institute if Human Technology, Amherst, Massachusetts.

Book Review:

I read this book several times and it is fantastic means of learning the attitudes and skills a counsellor needs to be an effective counsellor.
By :Asha John

I really feel interested when I read this book called Personal Couselling written by J.M Fuster, this book have alot of positive behaviors which will teach anybody who come across and read it because it is actually fulfilling and advices you on ALL your behaviour to change and cling yourself with the advices from the book. My personal review is to print more copies and distributed to all over the countries in the World. Thank so much Mr. Writer. I like this book I wish I could have one copy to read it and learn more. Many Thanks Santino Majok
By :Santino Majok

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