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What You Should Know About the Saints

By :  Charlene Altemose, MSC

ISBN :  978-81-7109-688-6
Total Pages :  96
Price: Rs.70

Do You want to know more about the Saints? Then join Sister Charlene Altemose, an expert on Catholic belief, as she takes you on an exploration of the Saints

About The Author

Charlene Altemose, MSC is a Missionary Sister of the Most Sacred Heart with degrees in education, theology, and journalism. Her ministries have included teaching college theology, writing newspaper columns and articles, directing parish adult education, and being active in interfaith activities and the Council of Churches.Sister Charlene was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to India and a Christian Leadership grant to Israel. As a result of her scholarship excellence, she was invited to be a presenter at the 1993 Council for a Parliament of World Religions.

Book Review:

This is what we need - an isnhigt to make everyone think
By :YYAdpdXIbDBse

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