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50 Questions about Catholicism

By :  W.L.A. Don Peter

ISBN :  81-7109-351-5
Total Pages :  139
Price: Rs.120

Even as a Catholic you might sometimes have questions concerning Catholic faith and practice arising in your mind to which you would like to have the right answers. Or your non- Catholic friends might ask your faith. This book containing answers to fifty questions is meant to help you and your friends get the correct information. Thos book will be of great benefit to both Catholic and non-Catholic.

About The Author

W.L.A. Don Peter Educationist, historian, Oriental scholar and missiologist, Dr W.L.A Don Peter is a fellow of the Royal Historical Society of Great Britain. He has served as Rector in several colleges and seminaries in Sri Lanka. He has also been Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Colombo and has held office in professional bodies in education and has represented Sri Lanka at several international conferences. He has written extensively in both Sinhala and English for the local press and has contributed to learned journals in Sri Lanka and abroad. In recognition of his services to education he was conferred a Prelateship (Domestic Prelate) by Pope Paul VI in 1967.

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