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How to Achieve Inner Strength

By :  Shammi Sukh

ISBN :  81-7108-510-5
Total Pages :  144
Price: Rs.110

Transformation of our inner self, thoughts, emotions and energies is a wonderful way of acquiring tremendous power. This book helps to uncover your hidden potential, viz., your inner power! The book is aimed at developing a winning personality, so that you reach new heights of personal achievement and success. Reading this book could be a turning point in your life!

About The Author

Born in the year 1954, Delhi-based Shammi Sukh is a distinguished author, speaker and motivator. His books touch on the realistic in life, andalways motivate and boost the morale of the readers. He has authored a number of books most of which have gone into several prints.Having addressed more than 20,000 people all over India, his talks have produced immediate as well as lasting results in the lives of many. An Expert at helping people in the maximum utilization of the human potential, he holds a certificate of Basic Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming(NLP)and from The National Federation of Neurolinguistic Phychology, USA.

Book Review:

I have seen that lot many people go disarray after a setback in their lives. We should not be afraid of life. In life, I follow the favorite catch phrase of philosophical author Shammi Sukh: 'Masters are not ruled by circumstances, situations, other people or their fate. Masters are born to rule over their life." óJoseph Peter Anthony Francisco Rodrigues, the budding star of Konkani stage
By :Joseph

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