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Mother Teresa in Her Own Words

By :  José Luis González-Balado

ISBN :  978-81-7109-250-0
Total Pages :  120
Price: Rs.80

Experience the same Spirit- filled words that Mother Teresa shares with the poor, the dying, the hutting and the skeptical. The quotes, stories and prayers in this book are here. Mother Teresa’s work for-and among –the poor has become the yardstick by which millions measure compassion and generosity across religious and political divides. While Mother Teresa herself has always stressed action over words it’s the latter that have provided solace and hope to those who haven’t had the opportunity to meet her. Her words have also moved men and women from every race and religious background to volunteer to help the poor.

About The Author

José Luis González-Balado – is a Spanish journalist and literary editor who resides in Madrie. He has authored books on some of the most influential churchmen of the twentieth century, such as Pope John XXIII, Pope John Paul II and Dom Helder Camara, former archbishop of Recife, Brazil. Gonzalez-Balado has written several books on Mother Teresa that have been translated into seven different languages. He has known Mother Teresa since 1969 and was among the core followers of the Missionaries of Charity that helped establish a home for the poor in Spain. He also served as coordinator of the Co- workers of Mother Teresa in Spain.

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