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Ministers and Ministries in the Local Church

By :  Fr Sebastian S. Karambai

ISBN :  978-81-7109-725-8
Total Pages :  456
Price: Rs.450

Ministers and Ministries in the Local Church is a comprehensive guide to ecclesiastical norms intended to facilitate correct understanding and application of relevant juridical texts and to promote effective pastoral ministry especially in the pluralistic cultural and ritual milieu of the Church in India. In addition to the relevant canons of the Latin and the Eastern codes, it includes norms and citations from the important documents of the Apostolic See as well as teachings and particular laws affecting the ministry from the three Episcopal bodies in India. Among the significant features of this second edition the reader will find:

About The Author

Fr Sebastian S. Karambai is a priest of the diocese of Thanjavur. South India. He is a graduate in Philosophy and Theology from Jnana-Deepa Vidyapeeth (Pontifical Institute), Pune, and has Master's Degrees in English Literature and Education. He holds his doctorate in Canon Law from
the Pontifical Urban University, Rome. He is the author of many publications on canonical subjects in English and Tamil, among them the well known book Structures of Decision-Making in the Local Church. He has served as judicial vicar, chancellor, parish priest, director of schools, consultor in the CCBI Commission for Canon Law and canonical advocate for priests accused of sexual abuse of minors. Currently he is pastoring a rural parish in his diocese and directing an industrial training institute in an economically backward district.

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