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Sex Talk Parent to Child

A Sex Education Handbook for Parents

By :  Dr Jeanette Pinto

ISBN :  978-81-7108-885-0
Total Pages :  71
Price: Rs.50

Thanks to Google and other digital devices, today's children are much more well-informed than those a decade ago.they do ask direct questions like 'What is sexual intercourse?', 'Where does a baby come from?','What is safe sex?', our hyper-sexualized culture has now reached into more than 60% of our homes via the Internet and thought cable TV. Mentoring is thus the need of the hour.talking to children about healthy sexuality can be difficult and something daunting.the sensitive nature of the topic forces many to avoid or delay speaking about it.Therefore it is better than they learn what is right from parents than any other dubious sources. This handbook will empower parents to face th

About The Author

Dr Jeanette Pinto who has a Doctorate in Indo-Portuguese History was Head of the Department of History and Vice Principal of St Xaviers College,Mumbai,and until recently Principal of Sophia College of Arts and Science,Mumbai.She is a Counsellor ,
Communicator and Conducter of Enrichment Programmes for Teachers and Students.As sex educator,she has given talks on Human Sexuality and Chastity to thousands of students throughout India and also in canada.The thrust of her work is to appreciate the beauty of the gift of human life and help create a civilization of love.

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