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On the WISDOM of the TAO TE CHING the way to Self-Affirmation

By :  J. Maurus

ISBN :  978-81-7180-880-5
Total Pages :  172
Price: Rs.180

'Change the way you think and experience changes in your life'is the philosophy on which J Maurus has based his Reflection.The Book offers the reader an opportunity to internalize the invaluable wisdom of Tao Te Ching-a Chinese prophet-and to apply the same to one's life.The author's reflections have so captured the essence of each of the 81 verses as to provoke thought that leads the reader to look at the world and its people in a refreshingly new way.Significantly, the result of dwelling on such reflections cannot but be a relaxation of the mind and a boost to living a God-centered life!

About The Author

J. Maurus is an internationally renowned author who has hundred books to his credit as of now. Born and educated in Italy and transplanted in India, Maurus began learning the English language from the scratch. An avid reader, he plunged heart and soul into the ocean of the ancient Indian literature. Writing then became his passion. His first book, Just a Moment Please, appeared in 1958. He never stopped ever since. His all-time best- sellers include: Just a Moment Please, Today Is Ours, Pretty as You Please, and Make the Most of Your Time. Several of his books have been translated into many Indian and European languages.

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  18. Living Moments of Faith
  19. Living Moments of Forgiveness
  20. Living Moments of Hope
  21. Living Moments of Love
  22. Living Moments of Prayer
  23. Living Moments of Self-Healing
  24. Living Moments of Silence
  25. Living Moments of Suffering
  26. Living Moments of Sunshine
  27. Living Moments of Truth
  28. A Gift for Teachers
  29. With Best Wishes
  30. With a Light Heart
  31. Reflections on Rudyard Kipling's"If"
  32. Power of The Heart
  33. The Power of Pleasant Feelings
  34. Grow Old Gracefully
  35. The Power of Love
  36. Wake Up To New Life
  37. In Search of Self-realization
  38. Stick And Carrot
  39. Always Be Radiant
  40. Enhancing the Meaning of Life
  41. Power of a Positive Attitude
  42. Celebrate the Fullness of Life
  43. Goodness is Power
  44. Positive Spirit, Positive Life
  45. Stand on Your own Feet
  46. Live a Holistic Life
  47. Power of Gentleness, The
  48. Jeevan ki Nayi Roshni
  49. Prerak Prasang
  50. Mahan Vivutiyon Ke Jeevan Ki Jhankiyan
  51. Gyanjanak Kahaniyan
  52. Nyanvardak Kahaniyan
  53. Manchaha Sounderya Payein
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  55. Live Life! Give Life!
  56. Shape Your Life To Be A Winner
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