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I'm Pro-Life Are You?

By :  Jeanette Pinto

ISBN :  978-93-5015-290-4
Total Pages :  238
Price: Rs.220

The right to life means allowing people to LIVE and not killing, allowing them to GROW, to eat, to be educated to be HEALED and to be permitted to die with DIGNITY.” —Pope Francis. Well, can anyone disagree with Pope Francis on the right to live? Is that not the truth for you and me and for the whole of mankind? The throb and pain of the human heart is the same for all people. Surely in all the various situations of life, one has to choose, cherish and celebrate the precious gift of life. This book “I’m Pro-Life, Are You?” is a celebration of 20 years of the author’s Prolife work. Are you aware of the various Pro-life issues and the prevalent anti-life mentality of humankind?

About The Author

Jeanette Pinto has been an educator for 5 decades, having taught and been Vice Principal of St. Xavier’s College; and then retired as Principal of Sophia College, Mumbai in 2001. She has been Teacher, Counsellor and Trainer for personal growth. In 1997, she set up the Diocesan Human Life Committee, a Pro-Life body in the Archdiocese of Bombay to help cultivate a Culture of life in the city and diocese. In these two decades, she has addressed several audiences on Pro-Life issues and has given talks to hundreds of young adults on Human Sexuality for which she received the Rachana Outstanding Woman of the Year Award 2014, from the Mangalore Diocese. Jeanette has authored books titled: The Indian Widow, Life- giving Heroes, For Youth on Love, Life and Sex, and Wonder Women of India. She has a number of articles to her credit which are in the public domain. Most of her writings resonate and reflect the intrinsic value of human life, and the innate dignity of the human person.

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