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At his Banqueting Table

Short Meal Time Prayers

By :  Edward D Mello, SVD

ISBN :  978-93-5015-288-1
Total Pages :  255
Price: Rs.160

Bringing the scriptures back into our lives, be we priest, religious or Lay, is a mark of Christian excellence. What could be the more a part of our lives than our food? A short Scripture reading, followed by a suitable prayer, makes a remarkably fitting ‘opening’ and ‘closing’ for our meals! This is a handy booklet for families as well as for Catholic institutions like boarding houses and hostels, for Small Christian Communities and for Seminaries and convents, for formal dinner meets as well as for picnics. The recurrent themes of thanksgiving, compassion, concern for the poor and the suffering would help to bring about a deeper significance to user and diner alike.

About The Author

He is a Catholic priest and belongs to the international religious society, The Society of the Divine Word. He has authored 'Dining with the Guru' (1977), 'Companion to the Family Meal' (1980), 'Sorrow Shared Halved', 'Joy Shared Multiplied' (1987), 'Prernatmak Laghu Kathayen' (Hindi, 2000), 'Beyond Prescription' (2005), Lahn Kani Bodlunk Jini' (Konkani, 2006), and 'Ishvani Ka Sathi' (Hindi, 2007).

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