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Handbook on the Civil Cases concerning the Catholic Church in India

By :  Fr. (Dr) Sahayaraj Lourdusamy

ISBN :  978-93-5015-291-1
Total Pages :  156
Price: Rs.180

A comprehensive and handy guide to understanding the intricacies of the various types of civil issues the Catholic Church in India has often been involved in by way of civil court litigation, this book is a helpful follow-up on the author’s earlier volume Church Related Issues in the Civil Courts of India. The cases referred to in this volume, concerning a wide range of subjects, from baptism to excommunication and from marriage to annulment and divorce, are meant to help the reader – both clergy and lay alike – to understand correctly the position of the Church on the one hand and that of the State on the other, making it a ready reference aid for advocates dealing with Church related cases

About The Author

Father (Dr) Sahayaraj Lourdusamy is a member of the High Council of AIDOP (Agence Internationale Diplomatie et Opinion Publique), Paris and a Research Scholar of the Asian Department of Canon Law and Culture of the Faculty of Canon Law, Catholic Institute of Paris. Besides a Master’s in Sociology, Computer Science and Journalism and a Bachelor’s in Mathematics, Education and Indian Civil law, he holds doctorates in Canon Law from the Catholic Institute of Paris and in Civil Law from the University of Paris XI, Sceaux, France.Author of two books in French, four in English and eight in Tamil, he has been contributing articles to Studia canonica, Studies in Church Law, Shepherd’s Voice, Vaigarai, etc. He is presently Chancellor of the Diocese of Thanjavur and a Judge of the Diocesan Tribunal. He can be contacted at

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