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What Matters Most in Life

By :  Sajith Cyriac

ISBN :  978-81-7108-878-2
Total Pages :  112
Price: Rs.80

What exactly are you striving for? A good grade, an affluent career, a stylish car, an amazing guy/girl? And then things bigger and better than what you already have? What if you could have it all - Money, power, popularity or absolutely anything you want? No matter what, none of these can make life count. So what matters most in life? This book does two very important things: Firstly, it enables you to ponder over your life as it is right now, besides helping you to identify and prioritize the most important things in life. Secondly, it enables you to understand that you alone get to choose what matters and what doesn't, everything in life drawing meaning from what you make of it.

About The Author

Sajith Cyriac holds a degree in Journalism and is a Postgraduate in English Literature from Christ University, Bengaluru. He is presently pursuing his PhD in Media Education from the Salesian University, Rome. For more than 10 years he was the Editor of Inspirational Quote, a monthly for inspired living. He may be contacted at:

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