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Building Proficiency in English

By :  Dr K.S. Joseph

ISBN :  978-81-7108-867-6
Total Pages :  152
Price: Rs.180

For learning a language, especially if it happens to be a L2 or a foreign language, we need to have a lot of opportunities for listening to it and speaking it. In the absence of this, no language can be learned. present volume attempts to provide adequate materials to the aspirants so as to enable them to attain proficiency in English. Drawing not only from the research studies carried out so far and in the light of the insight gained from teaching and learning English, and taking the aid of available linguistic theories and methodologies of language learning, attempt is made to help learners attain proficiency in English. The present book is the result of this attempt.

About The Author

Dr K.S. Joseph has taught on the Faculty of Education and Psychology, M.S. University of Baroda, Gujarat, for over two decades. During this tenure, he has trained teachers, taught M.Ed students and guided Ph.D scholars in their doctoral studies. He was on the Board of Editors of the Educational Journal Perspectives in Education for over five years. He was also consultant for teacher trainees pursuing their B.Ed course in different study centres of IGNOU in Gujarat. At present, Dr Joseph is teaching M.Ed students of Titus /I Teachers' college, Tiruvalla. He has by now authored nine books and over seventy papers.

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