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Marriage & Family

Recipe For A Happy Marriage

50 Ingredients for making marriage work

By :  Sajith Cyriac

ISBN :  978-81-7108-863-8
Total Pages :  244
Price: Rs.220

A truly successful marriage is not one that is entirely happy but one in which both partners look at the relationship as a source and sign of bonding that encompasses both happiness and the occasional lack of it. And what makes for its constant growth is a good recipe. It is only when you know what the essential ingredients are and how they are to be used, i.e., the right measure, that you get the dish of your choice! Thus both the components (ingredients) and the process (preparation) are responsible for the desired result, the inadvertent omission of even the smallest of essential ingredients reflecting in the product. With Recipe for a Happy Marriage, a book that brings you culinary sci

About The Author

Sajith Cyriac holds a degree in Journalism and is a Postgraduate in English Literature from Christ University, Bengaluru. He is presently pursuing his PhD in Media Education from the Salesian University, Rome. For more than 10 years he was the Editor of Inspirational Quote, a monthly for inspired living. He may be contacted at:

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