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Priesthood & Religious Life

Consecrated Life

Challenges & Opportunity

By :  Dr George Kaitholil, SSP

ISBN :  978-93-5015-238-6
Total Pages :  196
Price: Rs.160

Here is pleasant, racy reading that presents daring and progressive proposals. In our times of change and confusion, if consecrated life has to arrive at a new awakening, it is necessary to understand the basic values of religious life anew. In this materialistic world, God still calls and leads human beings to holiness. In what the world considers the desert land of renunciation and suffering, the Lord oflove embraces them, and they rejoice in Him. The first part of this book is a synthetic presentation of the three evangelical counsels in the light of spiritual theology and religious life, highlighting the beauty and excellence of these virtues. The author explains the ideal in a simple, e

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