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I Love You

Divine Reflection on the Most Blessed Love, The Holy Eucharist

By :  Padre Kundani

ISBN :  978-93-5015-222-5
Total Pages :  138
Price: Rs.75

An animated collection of enlivening and inspiring hymns, prayers and quotations on the Holy Eucharist, short enough to fit easily into your precious time with Jesus, the mystery of love, yet long enough to quench your thirst and revive your life with. Experience the joy of an intimate union with the very Bread of Life who made our crime into a happy fault, who turned the crucifixion into our redemption, a consecration into Communion and death into life everlasting.

Book Review:

An inspiring and divinely instigating book on the Holy Eucharist. It would surely enliven one\\\'s devotion towards The Lord in the blessed sacrament.
By :

A wonderful little book that will help one to meditate on the Holy Eucharist.
By :Jose Anthony

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