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Aiming at Excellence

Aids to School Assemblies

By :  Dr George Kaitholil

ISBN :  978-81-7108-841-6
Total Pages :  268
Price: Rs.200

Here you have a marvelous and beneficial book. It adequately fulfils a real need of today's youth, the hope of tomorrow, and of their parents and teachers as well. Today education has become a marks-oriented business, not caring for the shaping of the upcoming generation's character. All the values and virtues so well presented in this book are essential for everyone, young and old. It is worth noting that this book includes several important and lofty values that are rarely found in similar books. It certainly aims at a holistic and integral formation of the students and the shaping of a fine character in them. Important school events, important national events and important religious f

About The Author

Dr George Kaitholil born on 9 March 1948, was educated in India, Italy and Germany. He has travelled widely and given talks in many countries. He has authored 73 books which have reached a sale of two and a half million copies. Some of them have been published in eight languages, both Indian and foreign.

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