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Life and its Values

By :  Bishop Valerian D Souza

ISBN :  978-93-5015-197-6
Total Pages :  166
Price: Rs.100

As Shepherd of his flock, a bishop is a teacher whose guidance gives direction and focus to his sheep as believers of a Faith that alone holds the promise of redemption.Very frankly,living amid the conflicting values floating around in today's pluralistic society is no joke. Bishop Valerian D'Souza knows this, and thus, in this volume, examines the various truths of our religion that will enrich the life of the reader by way of enthusing him/her to understand and follow Christ and his precepts the more closely. The contents, in simple, direct language, cover a wide range of topics to give you a clearer perspective on the teachings of the Church concerning life in general and the practice of

About The Author

Bishop Valerian D Souza – The Right Reverend Valerian D’Souza was consecrated Bishop of Poona on September 25,1977. A Retreat Preacher of great renown, His Lordship effectively communicates the Word through preaching, writing and singing.

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