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Inspired By Jesus Inspiring Others

By :  Aloysius Kattady, TOR

ISBN :  978-93-5025-169-3
Total Pages :  124
Price: Rs.80

A book that enables you to see significance in fulfilling the Lord's command "Love one another as I have loved you" by way of striving to inspire one another precisely the way he has inspired us to love! Just as to love is to wish for another's well-being, so too, to inspire is to direct another's steps in the path of happiness and holiness. This book shows you how to find inspiration and to live it out in our own life, thus inspiring others along similar lines.

About The Author

He is a Third Regular Franciscan and he is the author of five books including the three published by ST PAULS. He holds MA degree from the Catholic University of America. Most of his priestly life was spent in the areas of education and religious administration.

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