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Your Signature Life

Pursuing God's Best Every Day

By :  Dianna Booher

ISBN :  978-93-5015-171-6
Total Pages :  284
Price: Rs.160

In the same way that artists take ownership and claim a work as their personal best at that moment by signing their name to it, we are the artist of our personal portrait, the writer of our life story, the creator of our character. The question is: What exactly are we creating? Whether in your personal life, your friendships, or your work, seasoned author Dianna Booher challenges you to strive for such things as honesty, wisdom, courage and faithfulness so that when it is all said and done, you can sign your name with a flourish to the masterpiece of your life.

About The Author

Dianna Booher is an internationally recognized business communication expert and the author of more than forty books and numerous videos, audios, and Web-based e-Iearning products. She is the founder and president of Booher Consultants, which provides training in effective communication to Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. Successful Meetings magazine recently recognized Dianna as one of the 21 Top Speakers for the 21st Century. She has a master's degree in English from the University of Houston. Dianna and her husband Vernon have two children

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