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Making Of Mumbai, The

A History of the Metropolis and its Catholic Past

By :  Fr Benny Aguiar

ISBN :  978-93-5015-237-9
Total Pages :  323
Price: Rs.600

Fr Benny Aguiar tells the story of Mumbai as no one has told it before. Indeed, here you have a fascinating story told in all its details across the centuries. Books about Mumbai are many, but few people know that the flint stones found in Backbay attest to the presence of early man in the seven islands which the ancient historian, Ptolemy called "Heptanesia"(Seven Islands) or that the caves of Kanheri and Elephanta are witnesses to the ancient Aryan and Buddhist civilizations that flourished here or in nearby Sopara, Kalyan and Thane? True, many people are aware that it was the British colonizers that transformed Bombay into the Cosmopolitan, industrial and commercial capital

About The Author

Fr Benny Aguiar is a household name for his long and sustained stint as the editor of the 'Examiner' and for making it a national Catholic periodical. He has been contributing to the "London Tablet" and foreign periodicals like "Mouth" and "National Catholic Reporter". His biography of Pope John Paul II, published on the eve of the Holy father's visit to India received wide acclaim.Fr Benny has contributed a chapter on the impact of the Vatican Council in South Asia to "Modern Catholicism", a book edited by Adrian Hastings.As President of the Indian Catholic Press Association(ICPA) and SACPA(South Asia Catholic Press Association) he has shown his mettle as an organizer and leader at the International level.The list of his publications includes:Indira Gandhi-A Political Biography(1966-1984) and Rajiv Ghandhi-The Fight of the Scion, Down the Arches of the Years-A Selection of his writings(ST PAULS) and Jesus is Lord-Reflections on the Life and Death of Jesus(ST PAULS).

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    Making Of Mumbai, The
    Fr Benny Aguiar
    Pages: 323
    Price: Rs.600


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