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Dare To Fall You'll Excel

By :  S. Devaraj

ISBN :  978-81-7108-796-9
Total Pages :  208

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Our rise or fall, our glory or misery, our joy or grief depends upon how we handle our failures in our day-to- day life. We can use them as ladders and climb up to unbelievable heights of astonishing achievements or allow them to trap us into inescapable fear and despair. This book is aimed at empowering people to transform bitter moments of failure and defeat into unfailing opportunities to make success and happiness permanent companions in their lives. For E books View E-book

About The Author

S. Devaraj has served as a postgraduate teacher in Mathematics and French for 35 years in Trichy, TN., South India. Right from his boyhood, he has strongly believed that positive thoughts are bound to give positive energies and lead people to unlimited success and happiness.

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