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Eucharist- Gift & Task

By :  Dr Louis Malieckal, CMI

ISBN :  978-93-5015-094-8
Total Pages :  192
Price: Rs.120

In the present work, Fr (Dr) Louis Malieckal, CMI, explains 'symbolism' of the Eucharist from a rainbow of angles, points of view and shades of meaning. His elucidations make the Eucharist not merely an object of devotion, but a challenging action or programme of Christian life lived out daily. It challenges people of all walks of life - priests, religious and laity. What is unique in this work is the clarion call for a better understanding of the doctrine of the 'real presence' acceptable to other Churches, illustrating that the bonds that unite the Churches are stronger than the barriers that separate them. Moreover, The Eucharist -Gift and Task provides salie

About The Author

Father Louis teaches Systematic Theology and Liturgy at Samanvaya Theologate, Bhopal.He taught Mathematics at Christ College, Bangalore. He took a doctorate in theology from the French Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium. He served as Dean of Theology and Rector of Khrist Premalaya Regional Theologate for more than ten years.Subsequently he became the pioneering Rector of Samanvaya Theologate,Bhopal,with a special thrust towards dialogue with different cultures,religions,Dalits and Tribals leading to the emergence of contextualized theology education and formation. He was elected Provincial of the CMI Bhopal Province for two consecutive terms and the Formation Co-ordinator of the CMI Congregation.He continues to teach in several theological institutes in India.He has published learned articles and books including Yajna and Eucharist:An inter-religious Approach to the Theology of Sacrifice.

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