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John XXIII: Privileged Testimonies

Simple and Humble A Blessed Man

By :  Gunnar Riebs

ISBN :  978-93-5015-077-1
Total Pages :  152
Price: Rs.150

Simplicity and humility. These two characteristics led to Angelo Roncalliís election as pope, as well as to his beatification in 2000. The author has managed to come incredibly close to the personality that Pope John XXIII was: several witnesses, including Johnís private secretary, Loris Francesco Capovilla, share their story and allow Riebs to portray the Good Pope as the extraordinary and truly inspiring man that he was.

About The Author

Gunnar Riebs married to soprano Ann Baert and of Elisabeth, started his career as a tescher at Saint Josephís High School in his native town of Aarschot, Begium. At present he is in charge of the Cardinal Cardijin Centre, an institution that organizes spiritual retreats for the entire network of catholic schools in Belgium, in parallel, he is active as a magistrate, a honorary consul of the Slovak Republic in Antwerp and as an author.Gunnar Riebs has published various volumes of poetry, a monography of Belgian composer Jan De Middeleer and a very popular biography of Prince Charles of Belgium, regent of the Belgian Kingdom from 1944 until 1950 (published in Dutch, French and Albanian).the publication of the original Ditch version of this book coincided with the beatification of the Good Pope in 2000. In 2009 it was published in Hungarian.
The numerous connections that Gunnar Riebs has among the members of the Universal Church enabled him to compose this collection of testimonies.

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