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The 99 Success Secrets of Jesus

How to Create Miracles in Your Life

By :  Don Daniel Ortiz

ISBN :  978-93-5015-027-6
Total Pages :  248
Price: Rs.180

This book reveals little known facts about Jesus you won’t find in the Bible. You will discover how Jesus accomplished his goals and achieved success unparalleled in human history. You Will Learn In This Book: Leadership Secrets of Jesus, the hidden lessons in His teachings, your mission, message and purpose in life, the fastest way to unlock your God-given potential and the spiritual strategies for achieving your dreams.

About The Author

Don Daniel is “America’s #1 Latino Success Coach” and the author of the book 101 Secret Ways to Tell If You Are Living Your Life Purpose. As a business coach, Ortiz has taught thousands of entrepreneurs, managers and sales professionals how to bridge the gap between worldly success and their spiritual calling. Over the last ten years he has developed a unique life coaching system that blends spiritual principles with practical personal development skills to help you unlock your God-given potential.
Ortiz is a former stockbroker and sales leader for Fortune 100 companies Citibank, First Interstate Bank NM, (Now Wells Frago Bank) and America Online. He has served on the Board of Directors of First Interstate Bank NM, President of the Board of Directors of the Boy’s & Girl’s Club of Santa Fe and President of Ortiz & Co. In his role as a stockbroker Ortiz helped his clients learn the secrets of wealth accumulation, preservation and growth.

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