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Jesus and the Signs

A Theological Reflection Based on Johannine Signs

By :  Pavithran Male, HGN

ISBN :  978-93-5015-023-8
Total Pages :  160
Price: Rs.95

Author has done undoubtedly a commendable work by studying the Word of God on such an important, interesting, inspiring and rare topic with academic rigour, scholarly vigour and religious fervour, to make the reader understand the deep and profound theological meaning of Johannine Signs (miracles) in our daily lives.

About The Author

He was born in 1976 in Andhra Pradesh; he belongs to the Missionary Society of Heralds of Good News, of the Mother Teresa Province. He completeed his philosophical and theological studies at ST Joseph's Major Semianry, Khammam and was ordained priest in 2004. He did his Master's in Biblical Theology at the Dharmaram Vidya Ksetram, Bangalore, 2006. He earned his M.A (English) from Osmania University, 2007. The authour was Editor-in-chief of Sprout-Theological Reflection, published by St Joseph's Major Seminary from 2006 to 2009. At present he is the Dean of Studies and teaches Sacred Scripture in this institute. Author of Jesus and the Spirit: A Study Based on Synoptic Gospels, 2007 and Jesus the Word: A Study Based on Various Dimensions of the Word, 2008.

Book Review:

gods miracles and his grace towards the people has been explained very understandably.
By :praveen

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