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Sharpen Your Mind

Facts,Thoughts, Puzzles
and Creative Thinking

By :  Victor Raj, ssp

ISBN :  978-81-7108-732-7
Total Pages :  144
Price: Rs.70

The old adage, use it or lose it, is applicable to almost every talent, skill or faculty we humans have. It is particularly true in the case of our brain. The efficiency of the brain will depend on how well we exercise it. We are often awed by the performance of super computers. But they too are just products of human brain which works faster than the fastest supercomputer ever invented. It is also said that even the greatest genius in the world uses hardly 10 of their thinking capacity.

About The Author

Victor Raj, ssp is a budding author who holds a B.Th from JDV, Pune. His previous book, Intellectual Jokes & Riddles is already a best-seller.

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