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Priesthood & Religious Life

A Human Being Among not above Human Beings

Priests Speak from the Heart

By :  Joseph Thenasseril

ISBN :  978-81-7109-974-0
Total Pages :  160
Price: Rs.95

Ever since Pope Benedict XVI inaugurated the Year of the Priest, much has been said and written about Priests and the priesthood. But this is not just another book on priesthood. What the reader will find between the covers is not mainly something about priests or priesthood. Nothing on the theology of priesthood, nor on the spirituality of priests. No tips on how to be a good or ideal priest, nor any description of the characteristics or qualities a priest should have. Instead in these pages you will meet priests who open their heart and allow you a peep into their priestly life: their joys and sorrows as priests, their hopes and anxieties, successes and setbacks, satisfactions and regrets.

About The Author

Fr Joseph Thenasseril SSP holds a doctorate in Phychology from the Salesian University in Rome and is currently serving as the Editor of ST PAULS and BETTER YOURSELF BOOKS.

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