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Choose to Be Happy

By :  S. Devaraj

ISBN :  978-81-7108-718-1
Total Pages :  192
Price: Rs.140

Thoughts, feelings, inclinations, attitudes, desires, decisions, words and deeds are products of our hearts and minds, and they are the ones that can make us glad or sad, tearful or cheerful, sorrowful or successful. If you make positive use of your freedom; you can certainly generate within you enduring happiness with the help of purified thoughts, cleansed feelings, well-grounded inclinations, well-formed attitudes, well-built desires, well-taken decisions, well-uttered words and well-performed deeds. In your daily endeavour to be happy this book Choose to Be Happy will turn out to be an effective and attractive suggestion book, a touching and revealing caution book, a transforming and s

About The Author

S. Devaraj has served as a postgraduate teacher in Mathematics and French for 35 years in Trichy, TN., South India. Right from his boyhood, he has strongly believed that positive thoughts are bound to give positive energies and lead people to unlimited success and happiness.

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